TITLE: Reminiscing

MUSIC: Reminiscing by Little River Band

Choreographed by Val Parry

LEVEL: Beginner


Counts [32] Walls [4] BPM[96]

Email: val@dancers-r-us.co.uk

Alt: Bye Bye by David Civera

Walks forward x2, Skates x2, Rock, Coaster Step

1 - 2

Walk forward right, walk forward left(bouncy walks for style)

3 – 4

skate right, skate left

5 – 6

rock forward on right, replace weight on left

7 – 8

Right coaster step

Rock, Shuffle half, Rock, hitch, step back,

9 -10

rock forward on left, replace weight on right

11 – 12

shuffle turn to left stepping left, right, left

13 – 14

rock forward on right, replace weight on left

15 - 16

hitch right (Clicking fingers of both hands at shoulders), step back

Touch, Step, Lock Step, Sweep, Cross, Sway left and right


touch left toe across in front of right foot click fingers at right shoulder

18 – 20

Step forward on left, lock right, step forward left

21 – 22

sweep right to right and across body, step on right in front of left

23 - 24

Step to left on left rocking hips to left, rock on right in place

Chasse left, Right Sailor Step, Left Sailor Step, 1/4 pivot

25 & 26

Step to left on left, close right to left, step left to left side

27 & 28

Right sailor step,

29 & 30

Left sailor step

31 & 32

step forward on right, pivot left weight ending on left


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